Group Lesson Evaluations

Group Lesson Evaluations

Please see the Group Lesson Page to sign up for our Lesson Interest List. If an evaluation is needed, we will let you know when we contact you with lesson availability!

30 minutes — $80
(Riders aged six-eight do not need an Evaluation)

Any rider that would like to join our group lessons and has prior riding experience must first take an evaluation so that we may accurately determine their skill level. Riders who are complete beginners (have never undergone significant formal or informal training) are not required to be evaluated. Evaluations are appropriate for riders who know how to post the trot and know their diagonals. Evaluations are approximately a half-hour long and will evaluate the rider’s ability in the saddle as well as on the ground.

Lessons cost is $55 ($60 starting in March) and is non-refundable. The cost of an evaluation does not act as a deposit towards group tuition. Taking an evaluation does not guarantee a spot in our group lessons; acceptance into group lessons depends on availability of an appropriate class. Evaluations are filed and are good for one year. Weight limits may apply. If this is a concern, please read our FAQ and consult with our office.

Cancellation policy: Please call 24 hours in advance to cancel an evaluation without incurring the cancellation charge (cost of the evaluation in full). The $5 deposit is non-refundable and will not be returned.