Summer Camps

Summer Camps

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Rock Creek Park Horse Center summer camps offer youth and young teens an active, healthy, and safe place to develop their horsemanship skills, including fundamentals of balance, harmony, rhythm and style. Through interaction with horses, on the ground and in the saddle, campers learn subtleties of communication and ways to work in a team – with people and horses. The camp experience also includes activities that take advantage of RCPHC’s location in Rock Creek Park.

The overall experience fosters physical fitness, empathy, responsibility and self-control, as well as creativity and a sense of adventure. Campers at Rock Creek Park Horse Center learn in a safe, relaxed, and fun atmosphere through demonstrations, hands-on barn activities, and riding lessons. Campers are instructed from the first day on safety skills around a horse. They learn essentials about horse behavior and also experience important lessons in horse care through grooming, tacking, and specially-designed games and practices. Instruction includes lessons on anatomy, color/breed, and markings. Learning is reinforced through creative craft projects and activities taking advantage of Rock Creek Park’s natural beauty.

The Program

We offer morning Half-Day Camps for ages 7-15. For questions about ages please call 202-362-0117 or email [email protected]

Horseback riding is a daily part of the camp programs. All Campers receive a lesson in a skill-level appropriate group in addition to ground activities that develop a young rider’s understanding of horse care and psychology.