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Counselor in Training

For young people aged 12 to 16, we created the summer CIT program to ensure consistent, trained support for the Day Camp and Ponies and Friends Camp. Additionally, we’ve stressed that our CIT’s learn and practice hospitality skills—bringing a cheerful attitude on a hot day, doing a little extra to serve our customers, or “going the extra mile” to bring a smile to someone’s face. We are also conscious that, through the program, we are teaching valuable job skills. Applicants complete an application by a due date, interview for the position, train for the role and responsibilities, schedule weeks on duty (minimum three), show up on time in the required uniform, take direction and communicate with a supervisor, and put forth the best effort to do a great job. And just like a job, CIT’s can lose the position if responsibilities are not fulfilled.

CITs must:

CIT applications are generally available in January/February. Full explanation of the program and rules are outlined in the application.