All in-person programming is currently suspended.

Stay safe at home. We look forward to seeing you soon.

For information on our telehealth program please visit us here.

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Personal Development & Therapy

Personal Development & Therapy

New! Equine Assisted Telehealth

Realizing the struggles many of us are going through now with adjusted work, school, and personal routines as well as dealing with a constant barrage of media and financial pressures, Rock Creek Park Horse Center is offering equine assisted psychotherapy to our community through the means of a secure telehealth platform. The Horse Center has been helping many over the last year through the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program and are now able to bring horses to you via telehealth. Our team (a licensed therapist and an equine specialist) and our horses will be able to assist you in addressing a myriad of concerns such as anxiety, frustration, depression, isolation and fear. Through observing horses and watching them interact with each other, our clients are able to make connections through metaphor and find personal solutions for their concerns and problems. Horses are the driving force behind these telehealth sessions.

We are offering a reduced rate as well as flexible appointments for current and new clients.

If you would like more information please email [email protected]

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We offer an equine assisted therapy and learning program using a ground breaking experiential approach based on the EAGALA model (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association.)

Through non-riding, close interactions with horses, individuals can safely explore therapeutic solutions for depression, anxiety, stress management, ADHD, PTSD, interpersonal conflict, and more. For equine assisted learning, RCPHC also offers group sessions for schools, non-profit organizations, and churches. We can tailor programs that will target specific goals and values. Using the EAGALA model, horses and certified specialists will provide space and guidance for clients to find their own unique solutions.

To reach out to the Equine Assisted Personal Development team, please email [email protected]